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We are a boutique wash mill for denim lovers.

Located in Izmir, Turkey
We are Roka Textile from beautiful Izmir. We are proud to be one of the best denim suppliers in Turkey, the inspiring land of many cultures and worldwide textiles. With our passionate team we love and aim to offer the best ideas and service to our clients.
Our business is located both in Istanbul (Designer’s Corner - Asmali Mescit) and in Izmir (headquarters and factory). Please feel free to contact us for your queries. Roka Team


fashionable & inspiring trend inputs | unique & sophisticated developments | passionate & experienced team | quality & delivery oriented productions | human & nature friendly machinery systems | hi-tech & flexible manufacturing

Denim Wash

Tolkar High Speed Eco Friendly Washing Machines – 3815L

Our machines are capable of achieving all washing tasks such as chemical processing, desizing, enzyme, stone wash, bleach, silicone, softener, tinting along with extracting. Due to the system’s drum design and structure, we achieve better washing effects on garments as well as reducing the water, chemical and heating energy usage. The drum structure provides better effects on the fabrics, therefore increasing the effectiveness of washing quality.

The unessential water which normally has to be kept in the gap area can also be eliminated by the latest technology drum system. Water consumption reduces dramatically and depending on saved water, all chemicals, heating energy and waste water consumptions are reduced as same by 40-50%.

Tolkar Air Floating Tumble Dryers – 4069L

The machine allows high diffusion of air flow that helps better drying performance. Removable and cleanable filter is produced by stainless steel to avoid the harms and damages caused by moisture on the garments. Having a drying time of 30 minutes the system offers high capacity of production. With the help of system’s recycling system, perfect drying effects are obtained with homogenous heat conductivity along with noticeable savings from drying energy and time.

Ozone Machines

Most of the denim laundries still use chemicals like Sodium Hypochloride, Potassium Permanganate, etc to apply “Denim Bleach” process. With this method of denim bleach, heated water is needed to neutralize the garment by removing the chemicals. Such mills need to consume huge amounts of energy for this process which is not eco-friendly. Ozone Technology reduces water, chemical and energy consumption dramatically.


Our development room has the mini versions of all our bulk washing and dyeing machines.

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Spraying Cabinet

Human & Eco-Friendly Spray and Chemical Application Cabinets 8 Stations – 7500 pcs/day

In the stainless steel system we use, any chemical or permanganate particles unavoidable by water screen are bound by the flushing nozzles. There are two different separate valves functioning in order to adjust the pressure of the top carriage container and nozzles. There is a double filtration system for the water, which is carried by the pump from the bottom tank to the one located on top of the cabinet. By this double filtration system, the impurity of water is prevented. The water used in the system is discharged by a relief valve.

The chemical particles are bound properly by the help of the water screen and air flushing system. There are two fan absorption units at the bottom and centre sections of each water screen. By this system, a very effective absorption is achieved by vacuum air cleaning, ending up with the diffusion of chemical odour which is human and environment friendly.

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Garment Dye

Smartex Miracle High Speed Eco Friendly Garment Dyeing Machines 4000L

70% Less Water - Less Chemical - Less Energy

Reactive, direct and antic dyeing methods where pigment dyeing can be done with highest efficiency. Garments within the drum rotates at 1 G centrifugal force where they do not move during the processes and this enables to prevent all crease marks, abrasion and undesired effects. Engineered spray jet composes pressurized colours to be penetrated into the garments.

With its technology, passed water from the drum through lessened perforations to the tub is pumped back into the drum with a circulation pump through Spin Dye injector which is placed under the drum. The method allows the gap volume between inner drum and tub to be completely emptied so no water is kept in this area during processes of dyeing & washing or rinsing. Mentioned gap area equals to almost half the required water volume of conventional machines and provides 40-50 % savings from the water used. By eliminating the unessential water which normally has to be kept in the gap area, water consumption reduces dramatically and depending on saved water, all chemicals, heating energy and waste water consumptions are reduced as same amounts.

The system provides 50 % more loading allowance along with 70 % saving from water, chemicals, heating energy, waste water, 40 % saving from electricity and 20 % saving from dye stuff. The result is higher quality, easier operation, more economic and competitive dyeing.

  • Smart Balance System
  • 3 External colour injections
  • Photocell colour control
  • ECO Drum System (1:3 liquor ratio for dry garments)
  • Totally vibration free 400 G force spinning power
  • Spin Dye (JET Spraying) Process with variable dyeing speeds
  • Direct steam and Indirect steam heating system through external heat exchanger
  • Cleanseal sealing dust removal system
  • PH Control System
  • Stainless steel front cover plate and 316 L quality stainless steel for parts coming into contact with chemicals
  • Continuous water level measurement with industrial water counter
  • Operating temperature up to 99 C
  • Variable and adjustable dyeing, washing & dyeing and spinning speeds
  • Heat insulated outer drum
  • No hydraulics, all pneumatic control system
  • 2 water inlet control (Hot & cold)
  • One large drain outlet with pump operated water release valve

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Dry Unit

Our DRY UNIT Machinery Systems are as follows:

  • 1 x Filet machine for net wash effects
  • 1 x Transfer Press Machine with air vacuum system & temperature/pressure control for crinkle effect and label transfer purposes.
  • 1 x Crinkle Machine with Spiral with 6 heads
  • 8 x 3D Crinkle Machine with Vacuum
  • 1 x Curing Oven
  • 12 x handbrush unit with pressure adjustments, vertical & horizontal usage.
  • 2 x laser machines

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Cutting and Laser Systems



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Bonded Production

Bonded (Seamless) Production

With the 40 years experience of Italian Company Framis, we are able to develop collection with no seams! We have six machines with its special adhesive tapes that make us produce very special bonded jeans for your collection.

For further details please check FRAMIS

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We are happy to be a green factory whereas all production facilities are established considering natural concerns.

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We are excited about our upcoming project of applying and using solar energy for all our energy needs until 2019 Summer.